The largest smile in Romania fell into place in Oradea

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500 persons in Oradea lapsed into the largest human smile in Romania last Friday, on the occasion of the World Smile Day. The smile measured 14 meters, yet the record was not homologated. The event was part of the “I choose to smile” project initiated by Oradea Community Foundation.

Young persons and children, all volunteers dressed in black and covered by yellow capes gathered in 1 Decembrie Park in the city, with the entire operation being shot from above by a drone.

Initially, the huge smiley was chalked on the park’s paving and the volunteers were distributed in teams for each component of the smiling face: the eyes, the mouth, etc. At some point, the happy faces forming the “left eye” ran synchronously to wink at the camera.

According to organizer Bianca Puscas, there weren’t so many people gathered to make a human smile anywhere else in the country. “We worked a lot for this project and locals in Oradea chose to smile in this special day,” Bianca Puscas said, as quoted by, not forgetting to thank participants for their effort.

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