The list of European countries where Romanians have travel restrictions


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Romanians who return from Spain and Belgium will be exempted from staying in isolation, after the Government in Bucharest had updated the list of “green states” on Monday, July 6. The green countries are the ones whereof Romanians and other citizens can arrive in Romania without any restriction in place.

There are currently 33 green countries, with the list being permanently updated.

However, there also states that enforced travel restrictions against Romanian citizens, following the increasing number of COVID-19 infections in Romania lately.

At present, there are only 3 states with a rate of infection higher than Romania: Sweden, Portugal and Luxembourg.

There are also other 10 states, at least, that either deny the Romanians’ access, as they maintain their borders closed (Norway, Finland and Malta), or have restrictions, compelling Romanians to stay under 14-day quarantine or isolation (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ireland, Slovenia, Slovakia). Denmark conditions Romanians to have a booking of at least six days of accommodation when entering its territory.

Romania has been also barred by UK from the list of those 59 states considered of having a low risk. So, Romanians who are traveling to UK after July 10 are compelled to stay in self-isolation.

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