The map of Magnolias in Bucharest has been updated


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As spring is setting in, Bucharesters can enjoy the first blooming trees of the season: the magnolias. In the Capital city there is also a so-called “Map of Magnolias”, set up last year and which has been now updated.

Diana Robu, the creator of the map that presents the places in Bucharest where you can go for a walk and enjoy the beauty of this plant, decided to update the information sent in the past years.

“Today, I used the map like never before: I went to the streets where there were no pine trees, where I saw the emptier map, I jumped too. And we discovered streets filled with color,” said the creator of the map yesterday on the Facebook page “Map of Magnolias”.

During this walk, a new yellow magnolia was discovered. This will be indicated on the map with the sun-pine.

However, Diana Robu has also made a request to those who go to discover the trees in the city: “Please stop ruffling the magnolias. I promise I get better photos if no one pulls the branches. And I promise we realize that they are big, fat and round, that they are the size of a fist. We don’t need to hold them in the palm of our hands.”

Bucharest is full of magnolias, they can be found in all sectors. Less than 20 teeth magnolias in Bucharest are yellow.

The map is available here.

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