The mysterious death of an actress of Romanian origin, in Brazil

Who was Sabine Boghici, the woman who robbed her mother of $148 million?


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Police in Brazil is investigating the mysterious death of an actress of Romanian origins who fell from the fifth floor of the block where she lived in Rio de Janeiro.

Sabine Boghici, aged 49, was found on September 14, in front of her residence, but who died in hospital due to injuries after falling from a height.

The authorities consider it a suicide, in the apartment they found a farewell note left for his partner Rosa Stănesco, who is currently in prison, according to Brazilian media.

Sabine Boghici is the daughter of one of Brazil’s greatest art collectors, Jean Boghici, who died in 2015.

Jean Boghici was born in Romania in 1928, in Izmail town more precisely, which, back then, was part of Romania, but he moved to Brazil in 1948. When he died in 2015, the money and art collection were left to his wife.

Except that Sabine Boghici, helped by a psychic, stole a large part of the fortune from her mother. This story, worthy of a soap opera, made a splash in the press in Brazil. Sabine tricked his 82-year-old mother and held her captive for more than a year in order to steal from her, among other things, $148 million worth of artwork. Of the 16 stolen paintings, 11 were recovered.

“The clairvoyant allegedly said that the daughter of this elderly lady has an incurable disease and will die. But he said he could fix the situation. The old woman, in a period of two weeks, gave almost 5 million reais (ed. $1 million)”, said the prosecutor Gilberto Ribeiro at the time.

Overall, $140 million in artwork, jewelry and money was stolen. During the deception, the elderly woman was kept in isolation, was assaulted, threatened and was not allowed to contact her family. It all ended when the old woman called the police.

Sabine Boghici and the psychic, Rosa Stanesco, were arrested in August 2022 after defrauding Sabine’s mother, Genevieve Boghici, out of $148 million in artwork, jewelry and money. Sabine Boghici went to prison in August 2022 and was released on parole in March.

However, Sabine Boghici, was found on September 14 after she fell out of the window, the  in front of her residence and died in hospital. The authorities consider it a suicide, because a farewell letter addressed to Rosa Stănesco was found in the apartment. Rosa  is currently in prison. Sabine Boghici was buried on Sunday, September 17, and the funeral was attended by her mother, Geneviève, aged 83, and her sister, Muriel.

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