The National Arena has no ISU approval: The material the roof is made of is not homologated in Romania, could be demolished

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The amount of the initial contract to modernize the National Arena has been increased RON 200 million, by two additional agreements to achieve a retractable roof that needed the project’s change, but cannot receive the ISU authorization, interim Bucharest mayor Razvan Sava announced on Friday.
The interim Mayor of Bucharest, Razvan Sava, wrote on Friday on his Facebook page that the National Arena stadium cannot be used because of the retractable roof, because the material it is made of is not homologated in Romania.
The original contract signed for the modernization of the stadium provided a fixed roof, made of sheet. All necessary approvals for this project were obtained, including from IGSU. The modernization works started and the idea of changing the rood came out. Then came out the idea of a retractable roof. The project should have been changed and the new ISU approval should have been obtained for the new roof. This was not the case. The roof was made without authorization, says the interim mayor.
The interim mayor said this is a typical case of bad management of public funds and mismanagement.
“The money was thrown down the drain. The former administration has built a stadium without taking into account the rules in force at the time. If the rules in force at the time had been observed, the roof should not have been built in the form it is now. We do not know if this material will be homologated or not. We are trying to find a solution to use the stadium,” Razvan Sava said.
The mayor argues that currently the only solution that seems reasonable is that all activities take place with the roof opened.

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