The new Road Code brings fines up to ten times higher

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The new Road Code provides drastic penalties for careless and undisciplined drivers. The new bill that came into effect on Friday is characterized by increasing the fines tenfold or the conversion of unpaid fines into license suspension.

According to the new Road Code, if caught talking on the phone while driving a car the drivers risk fines of RON 1,600, the same level of fine if detected not wearing a seatbelt.

Exceeding the speed limit by 51 to 60 kilometres per hour shall be sanctioned with fines of grade IV, i.e. 9 and 20 points fine – RON 720 to RON 1,600. In addition, it brings the driving license suspension for 90 days.

Exceeding the speed limit by over 60 km/h brings fines of grade V involving penalties between 21 and 50 points fine (between RON 1,680 and RON 4,000) plus the license suspension for 180 days. Exceeding the speed limit by 60 km/h resulting in a road accident followed exclusive property damage involves sanctions of grade VI involving 51 to 120 points fine (between RON 4,080 and RON 9,600), plus the license suspension for one year. If the accident results in casualties, the license suspension period is doubled to two years.

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