The pandemic’s effects: 5 in 10 women work less than 8 hours a day in order to take care of children and of the house

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  • Over half of the Romanian women (51.9%) say that the household chores lie entirely with them.

Almost 30% of the women in Romania have worked more from home in the past year during the pandemic, reads a survey on the effects of the pandemic over the Romanian employees, commissioned by Provident Romania and conducted by Novel Research. As opposed, only 15% of men preferred the work-form -home system.

Teleworking has also influenced the way men and women have tackled the household chores: only 12% of men consider that household chores lie entirely on them, as against over 51% of women.

Moreover, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, 18% of the female respondents have assumed even more responsibilities in the house. These decisions are reflecting during the actual time of work – over 54% of men said that had worked more than 8 hours a day, while most of the women (56%) said they had allotted less than 8 hours a day for professional activities. Besides, 6% of the women had to work during the night after they had put their children to bed.

As for the expectations of the Romanian employees from their employers, 31.3% of the respondents of the this survey eyed a balance between work and private life, so, 35% chose to work in a time frame when they felt they were being more productive. Overall, more than 43% of the Romanians allotted more time to the house chores compared to the period before pandemic.

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