The platform that forecasts when your car will be damaged to be launched soon

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Ad Auto Total along with Garret Advancing Motion have developed Predyct, a maintenance platform that alerts users when vehicles are damaged, thus helping connected cars to spend more time on the road and less time in service. The service will be available nationally as of the end of 2019 and is mainly addressed to car fleets (transporters of persons or goods, operational leasing companies or rent-a-car service providers).

Real time remote diagnosis over unlimited radius. The company that developed the app has been sensing the needs of the local market since 2016, when, through the Telematrix system (TMX), began to offer Romanian companies answers to the problems of fleet management. Based on the latest technology, Telematrix includes GPS monitoring functions, the possibility of real-time remote diagnosis of the vehicle’s technical status, offers analysis of the driving style and route-driver association. All operations are done remotely: read error codes or parameters in dynamic mode, record values ​​and generate graphical analyzes for predefined periods. In the auto repair shop, the qualified staff initiate the diagnostic procedure, being able to observe in real time both the behavior of the vehicle and its history, under various running conditions. The database in which the paths and information resulting from the diagnosis are saved is available for the client for a period of 2 years.

Forecasting defects. Including the Garrett Advancing Motion expertise in the field of aeronautical forecasting and diagnostics, Predyct platform will provide, alongside diagnostics, a unique function in Europe, namely the forecasting of defects assisted by artificial intelligence. Specifically, the identification of the problems of the vehicle before they appear.

By comparing nominal thresholds with synthetic indicators, the predictive analysis offers significant correlations, which would be difficult to discover by man, signaling deviations outside the normal parameters. An anomaly that may seem insignificant when viewed on a single vehicle becomes a real alarm when aggregated with data from thousands of other cars with the same problem. The next step is to understand the context and identify the repeatability of the model, using algorithms. PREDYCT will estimate how long the component or subsystem will degrade to such an extent that it will prevent the machine from functioning properly, and moreover, it will also affect the components or subsystems adjacent to the defective component. We estimate that PREDYCT will reduce the unavailability of the monitored machines by up to 50% and increase their longevity by up to 40%,” said Cătălin Popescu, Garrett Advancing Motion.

We have a clear picture of the future. This requires innovation in research, capacity for analysis and overview, which we constantly practice. We have invested EUR 300 000 in the development of the platform and today we are able to offer companies from all over Romania a valuable tool. The PREDYCT platform will ensure that a daily report to the fleet vehicles is sent to the customer. The system will notify the fleet manager of the potentially serious defects that can lead to the immobilization of certain vehicles, will evaluate the situation from a technical point of view and will facilitate the programming in the repair shop. It will also estimate repair and downtime costs, reduce them by up to 20%, and provide statistical reports for predefined periods,” explained in his turn Bogdan Dimitriu, Ad Auto Total.

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