The ratio between pensioners and employees, close to parity

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Data for the past five years show that the ratio between pensioners and those who support them through budget contributions is back on track. Currently is the smallest difference between the number of pensioners and the number of employees. This is due to the increase in the number of employees in Romania and the slight decrease of the number of pensioners. Thus, the ratio has become relatively balanced, reports.

Data for Q1 2017, reported by the Labour Ministry, show that at this time the proportion is 9 pensioners to 10 employees; only in 1998 there was such parity. On March 31, 2017, according to the National Statistics Institute (INS), in Romania, the number of pensioners reached 5.234 million, while the number of employees in the economy was of 4.824 million people, in accordance with information delivered by the Ministry of Labour. It can be noticed that an employee pays to the social insurance budget to support 1.08 pensioners. Five years ago, the ratio was 1.27, i.e. four employees supported five pensioners.

The current situation has been reached as the number of retirees has been decreasing continuously, due to the natural outflows from the system. But the situation has also been balanced by the increase in life expectancy. “We have witnessed both an increase in the number of employees, but also a natural decrease in the number of pensioners. However, the mass of active workers grows slowly and surely, and would grow faster if we wouldn’t have a decline in investments,” economist Mircea Coscea says.

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