The ratio between pensioners and employees was of 9 to 10 in Q1

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The number of pensioners fell in the first quarter of 2016 by 16,000 people to 5.2 million, and the average pension amounted to RON 942, up by 5.4% against the previous quarter.

Meanwhile, the average pension of state social insurance was of RON 930, and the ratio between the average net nominal state social insurance pension for old age with full contribution stage and the net average earning was of 56.4% (as compared to 54% in the previous quarter), the National Statistics Institute (INS) has announced on Monday.

The average real pension increase against the previous quarter, calculated as the ratio between the nominal pension index for calculating the real pension and the consumer price index, was of 6.2%. The ratio of the total average number of pensioners of state social insurance and the employees was 9 to10, with major variations depending on the area, from 5 retired to 10 employees in Bucharest up to 17 to 10 in Teleorman County (southern Romania).

Also, the average state social insurance pension varied greatly depending of the region, spread between minimum and maximum values exceeding RON 400 (RON 748 in Giurgiu up to RON 1,179 in Bucharest).

Social insurance pensioners hold the largest share (99.9%) in the total number of pensioners. State social insurance pensioners represent 88.8% of the total ones included in the social security category.

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