The Romanian political refugee during communist regime who turned into a successful businessman in the U.S.

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The story of a Romanian who came in the US as a political refugee in the 50s and turned to a successful businessman is featured in an CNN article.

Petre Georgescu came to the United States a political refugee in the 1950s and “went on to build a storied business career, which included being chairman and CEO of the global advertising firm Young & Rubicam,” CNN reports.

Born in Romania in 1939, Georgescu was separated from his parents in 1947 because the fall of the Iron Curtain and the establishment of the communist regime in Romania prevented them from returning home after they took a business trip in New York. Petre lived with his grandparents after that, but was arrested and sent to a hard labor camp at 10 years old, together with his brother.

In 1953, their parents, who had become American citizens meanwhile, were required by the Romanian communist diplomats to spy for them, or they were threatened to not see their children again.

Georgescu’s parents refused and told FBI their story and also the mass media at that time reported on it. After a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and President Eisenhower had got involved in this case, Georgescu brothers were eventually released and they joined their parents in the USA in 1954.

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