The Romanian-style ‘hygge’. Which things make Romanians comfortable at home?

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What do Romanians understand through ‘hygge’, the Danish concept designating that home coziness and comfort? A study conducted by reveals how are Romanians perceiving the home coziness, what are their favourite activities at home and how they feel about good moments spent at home. The study is meant to invent a Romanian word for the famous Danish ‘hygge’, which is related to turning the time spent at home in a quality time and into a true source of happiness.

Romanians have taken in part in this study on for 19 days and answered the questions meant to reveal how the wellbeing at home looks like and how it can be defined, both in terms of outdoor space (the physical space) and also the indoor space, the emotional one.

The wellbeing at home

For most of the Romanians (42%), the presence of a person contributes more than anything else to the wellbeing at home. 29% said the wellbeing is prompted by an activity, while 15% chose a place.

Asked about their favourite companion, most of the Romanians chose their life partner (60%), parents (24%), children (23%), while 22% said they feel the best when they are alone.

During the lockdown, most of the respondents said they loved the fact that they had time to cook something different (42%), 24% enjoyed spending time with the beloved ones, and 11% appreciated the fact they had time just for themselves. Still, 6% confessed they had time to redecorate or renovate.

Asked what room is mostly associated with peace and relaxation, most of the respondents chose the bedroom (39%), while 27% chose the living room. 10% preferred the courtyard and 10% the balcony. A friendly atmosphere at home is mostly given by decorations (43%), books or games (23%), furniture (15%) and the electronic devices (7%).

When it comes to evening activities, most of the respondents said they prefer spending time with their family (33%), to watch movies and TV series (29%), to cook (24%) or to take a bath (24%). Such activities as eating or reading are also among the most popular evening activities.

Questioned what is their favourite drink at home, most of the respondents chose tea (37%), coffee (28%) and hot chocolate (14%). Mulled wine, compote, cider and boiled plum brandy were also mentioned.

The delight of being home was mostly associated with the sound of rain at the window (20%), with favourite music (17%), and with birdsong (15%). Other preferred sounds were: the voice of the partner (10%), wood crackling in the fireplace (10%), but also the storm outside (8%) and the purring cat (8%).

For most of the Romanians, silver is the colour that is mostly contributing to the home coziness, but other colours were mentioned, as well, like turquoise, yellow and golden. In terms of the coziest fabrics, cotton ranked first (27%), velvet second (21%) and wool third (18%).

The carefree moments are also related to a comfortable outfit, like indoor clothes (26%), pajamas (21%) and fluffy robes (20%).

What could be the word describing the wellbeing at home?

The word “peace” was most frequently mentioned by the Romanians to describe the wellbeing at home (67%). Other suggestive words were: joy, comfort, harmony and ease. The survey also invited the Romanian respondents to try inventing a new word to describe this ‘hygge’ feeling. They came up with some original words: biniște”, „bârlogeală”, „leafăn”, „basmic”, „acăsică” or „culcușeală”.

The poll was conducted in partnership with D&D Research and surveyed 9,428 Romanians.

The answers provided by the Romanian respondents will be source of inspiration for two writers who will invent three defining words for the wellbeing at home. After this stage, Romanians will choose the favourite word, a ‘hygge’ correspondent in Romanians, by vote, at

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