The Romanian town that enters red scenario: schools, restaurants, cafes, closed


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Siret town in Suceava county has entered the red scenario, so all schools, restaurants and cafes have been closed and religious services are to be officiated only outdoors. The action comes after the incidence of COVID-19 cases per 1,000 inhabitants in the town is higher than 7.
It all started from the outbreak at the Siret Psychiatry Hospital, where there are currently 38 cases of infections, 34 among patients and 4 among the staff, according to Monitorul de Suceava. As part of the hospital’s employees went out and came in contact with other persons, the infection has spread in the local community as well.
The mayor of Siret has called on the locals to observe the sanitary measures enforced by authorities in order to prevent a potential lockdown of the townl.

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