The Romanian who revolutionized the traffic in New York to work with the new Bucharest mayor

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Romanian-born Michael Horodniceanu, now a professor in the U.S., who led the transport department in New York, including the Traffic Police and who coordinated major projects worth billion of euros for the NYC subway will work with the new mayor of Bucharest, Nicusor Dan, to find solutions to improve the traffic in the Romanian Capital City.

Horodniceanu is now professor at the New York University Tandon School of Engineering, leading the Department for Civil and Urban Engineering.

“It all must start from the reorganization of the transport authority in Bucharest. Certain things can be done with minimum investment, so it’s more up to time and organization rather than money. I think this is the first step to be done to improve the transport in Bucharest. Parking must be also revised in order to prioritize movement,” Horodnicenau told Digi24, also talking about the trends to ease traffic congestion in the big cities.

“The trend is to give priority to pedestrians, to those who use the active transport as a general rule-bicycles, walking- and not their personal vehicles. It is very important for us to be endorsed by the bus network, which must be improved, by bike paths.”

In his view, Bucharest is the place where people are using their personal cars too much. “From the perspective of urban development, Bucharest looks more like Paris in a way than like New York, the streets are narrower , but there are many places where improvement can be made to enable a much more fluid traffic. When I was in Bucharest I saw that the best solution for me was to walk rather than to take the public transport”.

Professor Horodniceanu will work with the new mayor of Bucharest to improve the traffic in the city, without asking any money for his work.

“I will do it pro bono , but I hope instead to improve my Romanian language and to use it on a regular basis”, the professor said.

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