The second city in Romania that might have metro

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 Japanese companies are interested in the project to build the metro in Cluj-Napoca. The local authorities are set to kick off the pre-feasibility study that will provide information about the costs of the project and the subway routes.

Cluj-Napoca mayor Emil Boc said that the metro is a long-term project, considering the city will reach a population of one million inhabitants in 20-30 years and it would be too late then to consider such a project.

We have approved a budget which also stipulates a pre-feasibility study to build the metro. We have been contacted by several Japanese companies that are interested in carrying out the metro project, but we’ll discuss with all those interested (…) Anyone from Japan to the USA is welcome to come to Cluj to involve in this project,” Boc said.

The mayor explained that the pre-feasibility and the feasibility studies will show how many tube stations there will be, the entrances and exists, how much will be underground and how much above-ground, the costs and the financing scheme.

There is only one city having metro in Romania, Bucharest.

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