The server of the platform used by Catalan protesters, based in Romania. Spanish authorities orders for the app shut down

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The server of the online platform Democratic Tsunami, a secret online website used by the Catalan protesters is based in Romania, the Spanish media reports.
A court in Spain ordered the closure of the  Catalan protest group’s website on Friday as authorities are struggling to find who is behind the recent violent street demonstrations prompted by the sentencing early last week of some Catalan separatist leaders to lengthy prison terms.
Following an investigation on the origin of the Democratic Tsunami group, the Spanish investigators found out that the private online server is based in Bucharest, according to Las Provincias.
Democratic Tsunami group was announced last month on social media and quickly gained a huge social media coverage. Its main action was a massive protest at Barcelona airport on Monday, which caused dozens of flight cancellations.
“The Judicial Authority has told operators to stop serving the domains in which the #Tsunamidemocratic Platform is based … since they could favor the commission of crimes,” police said on Twitter.
Democratic Tsunami says it is non-violent and accused authorities of censorship in a post on Telegram in which it confirmed its original website was blocked and recommended followers visit another site.
“We are not a new organisation, we are a continuous campaign. We can fight. There is a strategy. A new wave is kicking off and you are the protagonist. You are Tsunami”, reads the group’s description.
Democratic Tsunami told Reuters it is a “horizontal and adaptable network” of people living in several countries, without a leadership. It said it had held on-and-off contact with secessionist parties and groups to inform them of its intentions.
The group’s main goal is to get Spain to negotiate on the right to Catalan self-determination and to achieve freedom for jailed Catalan separatists and those living in self-imposed exile, it said. Its protests would continue as long as needed, it added.
The group officially emerged on Sept. 2 on Twitter and was quickly endorsed by separatist politicians, including former Catalan regional leader Carles Puigdemont, who lives in self-imposed exile in Belgium.
In order to access the Democratic Tsunami app, the users need a QR code.  The application currently has 270,000 users.

The protests that led to serious clashes between protesters and police this week were not called by Democratic Tsunami but by other secessionist groups.

The street riots could be linked to anarchist groups, a Spanish police and a government source told Reuters.

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