The ‘smart community’ village in Romania, managed by its own inhabitants

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Inhabitants from a village in Alba county, central Romania decided to call the shots on their day to day life and needs and to revamp their locality with their own hands, without waiting for money from the local authorities.

They rehabilitated the village’s church, cultural centre in just nine years and they also built a footbridge and a football pitch. It was all possible after the locals teamed up and became the city hall’s legal partners, Digi24 reports.

Located just 10 km away from Alba Iulia, Limba village seems to be from a different world: the houses are impeccably revamped, the streets are clean and people are always friendly and eager to help you.

Locals have joined their forces within in the Limbenii Association, set up nine years ago. Each member has to pay a fee of RON 5.

The members of the association says that all villagers are taking part in the community’s works, it’s like a patriotic job in the interest of the community; they manage road and sewage works, or buildings construction all by themselves.

The village belongs to Ciugud commune, where 3,200 people are living, being one of the fewest rural areas in Romania where the number of inhabitants has increased in the past 15 years.

„This is the best example of smart comunity, where these people manage to get together, to put their ideas down and search for the necessary solutions together with the decision-making factors,” said Gheorghe Damian, Ciugud mayor.

The city hall also accessed European funds at the locals’ initiative to upgrade the park downtown the village.

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