The Telegraph praises anti-corruption head Laura Codruta Kovesi

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The Telegraph praises the Romanian anti-corruption head, Laura Codruta Kovesi in an article released on Wednesday, calling her “an intractable foe” to her enemies and “a heroine” to her supporters, “the one person who has finally stood up to the corrupt and powerful elite they believe has fleeced the country of its wealth for decades.”

Under her guidance the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) has been turned into “a seemingly octane-powered organisation”, focusing on revealing high-level corruption, says the British newspaper.

“Only last year the DNA indicted over 1,250 defendants for high and medium level corruption crimes,” Mrs Kovesi told The Telegraph. “Among them, there was one prime minister (in office at the time of the indictment, Victor Ponta), five ministers, 16 MPs and five senators, 97 mayors and deputy mayors, 32 directors of national companies and 497 people with management positions within public institutions,” she added, mentioning that the all-important conviction rate for 2015 stood at 93 percent.

Despite accusations made by her enemies that she is ‘witch hunting’, Kovesi says she doesn’t feel as the most powerful person in Romania.

“If we talk about the most powerful person, then I think that all those honest Romanian people are powerful. People who want a society built on fairness and respect, and whose attitude and actions show that they want a Romania without corruption,” she told The Telegraph.

Full article available here.

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