The weather gets colder, first autumn rains show up

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The weather is getting colder as of Wednesday, with temperatures ranging from 16C and 29C the most, in the Danube meadow areas.

It is going to rain in some regions in the south, centre and east, while wind will be strong on the mountain peaks, in the southwestern, northeastern, eastern and central areas.

There will be 17C in Bucharest, but it is the right temperature for this time of the year. There will be conditions for some scattered showers and wind gusts, too. It will be even colder on Thursday, September 19, and Friday and Saturday as well, but it will be sunny. The weekend is bringing low temperatures at night. 5C…6C.

Alert for strong alert in two counties

Meteorologists have issued a Code Yellow alert for strong wind in Caraș-Severin and Hunedoara counties today till 14:00hrs.

The wind will blow particularly in the mountain areas of these counties, on the mountain peaks at 1,800 metres high.

The speed of the gusts will exceed 80kmph.

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