Theology Faculty’s vice-dean resigns over controversial statements on rape

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Theology Faculty’s vice-dean, priest Vasile Răducă, has resigned today over some controversial statement he made about rape and pregnancy.
Bucharest University rector, Mircea Dumitru, had asked for the resignation of Theology Faculty’s vice-dean, earlier on Wednesday, after the latter’s controversial statements on women’s getting pregnant after rapes. Education minister has also hinted the priest should step down.
The priest had claimed during a radio show at Trinitas, the broadcaster owned by the Romanian Orthodox Church, that a woman can get pregnant after a rape if she had enjoyed the sexual intercourse or if she had not respected the rules on hygiene.
“I have asked the dean of the Orthodox Theology Faculty, professor Ioan Moldoveanu, to dismiss professor Vasile Răducă from the vice-dean office. Bucharest University stands apart from Vasile Răducă’s allegations, which we consider unacceptable. The academic community of the University of Bucharest is observing its mission to promote and endorse such values and principles that should enhance a modern democratic society, where observing the human dignity and humanity values, such as the role of science and the evolution of humankind, represent fundamental pillars”, says rector Mircea Dumitru on Facebook.
During the above-mentioned radio show, priest Raduca said when asked if babies conceived after rapes are also gifts from God:
“Cases when women get pregnant after rapes are very rare. When the woman does get pregnant after a rape there are several reasons: either the rape was approved and the women enjoyed it, or the women did not intervene, through hygiene measures, to prevent the sperm from touching the oocyte (…) If the baby was conceived though this way, yes, take it as a gift from God.”
The victim of the rape has several hours to go to a specialised medical unit, where she receives special hygiene care (or she can do that) so that the rape should not end up with a pregnancy. This issues however depend on the education the woman has got”, the priest also said.
Other statements of the vice-dean referred to the sex using condoms or about the relation between a young woman and a Muslim man.
After his statements stirred controversies, priest Raduca came back with further explanations on Wednesday, saying he regrets his words had an unwanted echo, while claiming scientific arguments to support his allegations.
It is known that the union of two germinal cells is not possible on the moment of the sexual intercourse, but after several hours. However, from the scientific point of view (…) I know that medical researchers consider that, in most of the cases, a rape against a women is not automatically leading to a pregnancy“, he said.
Education minister Ecaterina Andronescu has also retorted to this case, saying the priest’s statements are inappropriate, especially they are coming form a professor teaching ethics.

They are just horrifying me. Briefly, if you ask me, this professor doesn’t belong in a University, particularly it’s a Theology faculty”, minister Andronescu replied, while also urging the University’s ethic committee to take stand and to proceed on the theology vice-dean’s dismissal.

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