Thieves break into the residence of Pakistani ambassador in Bucharest, famous ex-footballer Gheorghe Hagi’s house

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The residence of the Pakistani ambassador to Romania and the house of football icon Gheorghe Hagi, both located in Voluntari-Pipera area, have been broken into during the winter holidays. Policemen are looking for the thieves.

Both the ambassador’s residence and Hagi’s house are in the same area.

In both cases, the robberies were announced long time after they had taken place, being reported by the employees,” the Ilfov Police announced.

Neither the Pakistan’s ambassador nor Gheorghe Hagi were at home when the burglaries were committed, and the prejudice could not be established so far.

In the case of the Pakistani ambassador, the theft was discovered by his secretary, who found the house all messy.

Police says a criminal file for grand larceny was opened, also revealing they have some suspects.

Regarding the incident in the Pakistani ambassador’s residence, the Bucharest Gendarmerie is providing the house’s surveillance, with a gendarme permanently guarding it.

The ambassador’s residence is located in a residential villa complex and is neighbouring other private properties, one or two-storied villas. The gendarme has no visibility and can intervene only at the main entrance of the residence. Moreover, the residence has no surveillance cameras connected to the gendarme’s box and no other alarm system that could warn over what is happening inside the house,” the Gendarmerie said in a press release, adding that the burglars hadn’t broken into the ambassador’s residence by the main entrance monitored by the gendarme.

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