Third day of anti-restrictions protests in Bucharest, other cities

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New protests were staged in Bucharest and other big cities for a third evening in a row. Initially, there were 150-200 people gathered in Universitatii Square and then marched on the route-Interior Ministry-Victoriei Square-Cotroceni, with more and more people joining.

People shouted “Resignation”, “Down with the medical dictatorship”, “No restrictions”, “Freedom, we love you/We either win or die”, “Down with the state of alert”, “Get out of houses, if you care”, while booing and blowing out vuvuzelas.

Similar protests against the restrictions took place in other cities in Romania, as well.

In Craiova, around 300 people protested, most of them being members of the football galleries, using flares and whistling. At some point, the protesters set some photos with Raed Arafat on fire. Protesters also tried to break the gendarmes cordons, but they didn’t manage to get through he riot police.

Over 250 people protested in Constanta. A protester became violent and the gendarmes intervened. From one balcony, a young men scolded protesters, arguing his father has just passed away two days ago while being infected with coronavirus, while the protesters booed him.

“Why do you protest like that? You should go to the intensive care to see what Covid patients mean. Stop protesting, it is war, don’t you realize? My father died due to Covid two days ago…and you protest. Shame on you”, the man shouted.

Over 800 took to the streets in Braila, as well. Protesters, mostly teenagers, shouted against the new restrictions, especially against the ban on movement after 20:00hrs. Protesters chanted “Down with the Government”, “Freedom”, “Resignation”, and waved banners with messages like: “Education is the base of society!”, “Open schools!”, “We want access to hospitals, nobody dies of Covid!”.
More than 350 people also protested in Vaslui, mostly youngsters, chanting “Freedom”, “Off with the mask”, “Get out of the houses if you care”.

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  1. Clive says

    In a democracy – yes you have rights but you also have responsibilities

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