This year, Santa’s bringing the Christmas spirit from the heart of the mountains by a magic train

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Kinder Express is more than a Christmas experience for children – it’s about bold initiatives and authentic experiences, and, most of all, about bringing a smile to the faces of children who usually have very few reasons to be happy.


The founders of the Transilvania Train touristic experience – the Globe 365 Travel Boutique and Free Spirit Travel agencies – are putting on track a new project for children, Kinder Express, on December 20th.

Kinder Express is an experience that will have children traveling by train, in three specially-designed wagons, towards Santa’s magical world in the heart of the mountains. The program includes many activities for children within Sinaia’s Casino Palace. These are meant to help the little ones get into the atmosphere of the Holidays, make new friends and gain an appetite for teamwork.

In Santa Claus’ workshop in Sinaia, children will become his helpers for a few hours. Alongside elves, mages and fairies, the kids will make Christmas tree decorations, will learn carols and experience plenty of winter-time holiday traditions. And, since we’re talking about Sinaia, the children will also visit the magical world of the Toy Trains Museum.

 “We often feel that the Holidays have lost their spirit and authenticity, particularly because of the quick pace of our lives. We conceived this project based on our own need, as parents, to offer authentic experiences to the little ones, and our desire to get today’s children to feel Christmas the way we did once upon a time, in our own childhood – with traditions, carols, excited with preparations to receive Santa’s visit”, says Oana Pricop, founder of the Free Spirit Travel agency.

While the children will enjoy Santa and the workshops, the adults will also spend quality time in a holiday atmosphere. They will enjoy relaxing moments with wine and traditional cuisine tasting, reconnecting to the feeling of childhood, and will listen to stories and legends about royalty and Christmas, in a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere in Sinaia’s Casino Palace.

Furthermore, on December 21st, the project founders are organizing a special edition of Kinder Express for 80 children within social care programs. This undertaking is supported by the project’s friends: Napolact, Hasbro România, Canon România and Cris-Tim, while Kinder Express gets moving thanks to CFR Călători.

“The goal of this project is to teach children and adults alike about the deep meaning of Christmas, and the importance of receiving and giving joy in the midst of the Holiday season. So, on December 21st, we are fulfilling a great wish – to give, together with our project partners, a unique experience for 80 children from social care programs. For a day, they will enjoy an experience that is new to them – and, we hope, a memorable one – and they will get the same program and activities we prepared for December 20th”, says Alexandra Grigore, co-founder of Globe 365 Travel Boutique.

Kinder Express means stories, cheer and discovery, but it’s also the context in which we can share in the goodness, through unique experiences and memories, through initiatives that make our hearts grow and bring smiling children together as they think of Santa Claus.

The project beneficiaries are: The “Gavroche” Pilot Centre for the protection of trafficked children, the residential housing complex units of DGASPC Sector 2 Bucharest, the St. Iosif and St. Stefan Children’s Homes, and underprivileged children with good school results from villages in the Giurgiu and Teleorman counties.

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