Thousands attended the 9th edition of the Bucharest International Air Show (BIAS) to see breathtaking air stunts

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The ninth edition of the Bucharest International Air Show (BIAS), Romania’s largest air event, took place at the ‘Aurel Vlaicu’ International Airport in Bucharest on Saturday, presenting an exquisite acrobatic air show staged by over 200 pilots and paratroopers, a mix of helicopter stunts with formation flying and air taskforce actions.

As the 2017 edition introduced the F-16 Fighting Falcons into the service of the Romanian Air Force, the fighter jets were somehow the guest stars of the event.

Romanian pilots were joined by those from the US, Poland or Hungary. As a first, Poland’s Air Force had a MiG 29 Fulcrum and F-16 airshow act, while Hungary’s Air Force paraded a Saab Jas 39 Gripen, and the US participated with an F-15 Eagle.

The air show was dubbed by a General Aviation Exhibition, with aircraft manufacturers, owners and aviation service providers putting on display a wide range of civil aircraft from ultra-light to business jets.

Photo credit: Gabriel Isac
Photo credit: Gabriel Isac

Thousands of people attended both tha air show and the exhibition and incidents were plenty as well.

Due to the scorching hear, many spectators got sick or had a sunstroke and needed medical aid. First aid points were scattered through the airport’s raceway.

Some other spectators were discontent with the large queues formed to visit the military aircraft on display. For instance, to visit the supersonic aircraft of the US Air Force and take a photo with the pilots, people had to wait even for one hour.

The Bucharest International Air Show & General Aviation Exhibition (BIAS) was organized by the National Bucharest Airports Company, the Romanian Airclub, the Romanian Air Force, ROMATSA, ROMAERO and the AIBO Sports Club under the aegis of the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of National Defence and Ministry of Economy.

Exclusive photos available here.

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