Thousands commemorated the Colectiv victims: We didn’t forget, we want justice

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Thousands people (5,000 estimated) joined the commemoration march for the Colectiv fire’s victims on Tuesday night, three years after the tragedy, to show that October 30,2015 has not been forgotten.

People lit torches, marching to the rhythm of guitar, holding flowers, candles and Romanian flags.

They say the tragedy has become a symbol, as it was then three years ago that the slogan “Corruption Kills” was shouted for the first time. “We didn’t forget, we want justice,” said the participants, referring to the fact that the file on the fire is still pending in courts after three years, with no convicted people yet.

People started coming in Unirii Park at 18:30hr and marched to the venue of the former Colectiv club, through I.C. Brătianu Blvd, Unirii Blvd, Şerban Vodă Bridge, Splaiul Unirii, Bucur street and Bucur Square.

In the square in front of the former ‘Pionierul’ factory a genuine altar with the pictures of the 65 dead young people has been built, where thousands of candles were lit. Many people broke into tears when a musician played the violin, being applauded by the crowd.

Called ‘The March of Guitars’, the event was organized to commemorate three years since the deadly conflagration at ‘Colectiv’.


The traffic was closed  during the march.

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