Thousands of officers of the court protest in Victoriei Square asking for better working conditions

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Over 1,500 officers of the court from four trade unions and a professional association protested in Victoriei Square in Bucharest on Friday, asking for better working conditions. Trade union men from the the Publisind Federation and from the National Trade Union Bloc have also joined the protest.

One protester said that the purpose of the protest is to make the authorities understand their problems and solve them. Protesters also complained about the pay gaps in the system and about an appropriate statute to acknowledge the profession of officer of the court, and to recognize their place and the role in the act of justice.

We need internal rules of procedure for the criminal procedure codes have been amended, and many duties of judges have been given to the officers of court, but the salary should match that, we need technical basis, which is scarce, recordings in the court rooms are very bad, printers and computers are hardly working. Under these circumstances we cannot work properly, we cannot have a real justice if we lack those things“, one officer of the court told journalists.
The officers of the court are also discontent with the heavy workload, asking for additional staff and for the draft of a new professional statute that should acknowledge the clerks’ duties. And above all, they ask for unitary payroll.
For instance, we want our work to have strict standards and not to work day in day out. The law stipulates that the wages of the officers of the court should remain until 2023 like in early 2017,” said another protester.

“We haven’t seen any good will at the Justice Minister or at the Superior Council of Magistracy. The costs will be significantly lower to have 1,000 officers of the court hired full-time than to have the existing number of clerks now in courts, around 6,000 to work day in day out”, was another opinion.

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