Three coronavirus outbreaks in Romania: Suceava, Arad and Deva. Health minister sends mobilization call to doctors

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Health minister Nelu Tataru has said in a press statement that there are currently three coronavirus outbreaks in Romania: Suceava, Arad and Deva.

The minister said that things are getting back to normal in Suceava, the circuits in the county hospitals have been resumed, the entire medical staff will be tested and who tested negative will start working. A third Real Time testing device will be available there. 15% of the staff is working now in Suceava County Hospital.

As for Arad, Tataru said he is considering changing the manager of Arad Public Health Direction.

Asked about the situation of the small town of Tandarei, Ialomita county, the minister said that authorities might decide total lockdown if the situation required.

Local authorities of Tandarei have asked total quarantine for the small town, as 800 locals returned from abroad are watched by the army after many of them had broken the isolation and quarantine rules. Tandarei has become famous in Romania and abroad for its communities of gypsies, for its criminal gangs and rings of human  trafficking, as well as for the imposing villas. It is known by some as the “Beverley Hills for Romanian gangsters”. You can read about the most recent and high-sounding case of child trafficking in Tandarei here.

Call to the doctors

The Health minister also stated that the medical system is facing an unprecedented situation, the more it’s a system that has gathered a lot of deficiencies in time. “We started with zero stocks, with insufficient staff across the public health directions. There are people working 24 hours a day there. We’ll hire 1,000 more people and another 1,000 on the ambulance,” the minister said.

Tataru also announced the government had adopted a resolution to extend the framework labour contracts for doctors and another emergency ordinance that extended the residency of the resident physicians in the last year until October 31.

“I have a message for my colleagues. Brothers, Romania needs you. It is a difficult moment, the Romanian medical system has never failed. I know what you need for I have been next to you. You are not alone.”



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