Three people working in the Government building suspected of coronavirus. National Patent Office closed after employee tested positive

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Three people working in the Government building at Victoria Palace in Bucharest are suspect of coronavirus, interim PM Ludovic Orban announced today, adding that an epidemiological inquiry is under way. Orban said it is a person working at the catering service and two employees of the Secretariat General of the Government.

“They are not actually working at the Government, but in the Government’s apparatus. One person is working at the service providing the catering and two employees of the Secretariat General. All got in contact with the 42-year-old woman infected with coronavirus and are currently isolated at home. Tests are in progress,” said the premier.

Initially, Bucharest mayor Gabriela Firea revealed that the son of the cook working at the Government building is suspect of coronavirus after he had been in contact with the 42yo woman who tested positive on Sunday.

“The son of one of the cooks at the Romanian Government is suspect. You can imagine the impact. The cook prepared the meal for all the Government’s employees, including for dignitaries. We don’t need to panic, to be fatalistic, but under no circumstances could be damnable that we want to take precautionary measures”, said the mayor.

However, the authorities said it is not the cook under suspicion.


The 42-year-old woman from Bucharest confirmed with Coronavirus on March 8 would have been in contact with people close to the staff working at the Government, in the Gov’t building in Victoria Palace in Bucharest, the Strategic Communication Group informed.

Earlier today it has been also revealed that the 42-year-old woman is employed at the National Patent Office (OSIM), and the managers decided to disinfect the OSIM headquarters and to suspend the activity by March 16. 29 people employed at OSIM would have got in contact with the woman, who was on holiday in Rome and returned to Romania on February 27 and went to work during February 28-March 3. She asked for annual leave as of March 4.

The 42-year-old woman is the second case of coronavirus confirmed in Bucharest. She is currently admitted at Matei Bals Hospital for Infectious Diseases.


Committee in the Senate suspends activity over suspicion

The members of the Education committee in the Senate has suspended the sessions this week after the husband of an employee of the committee had been in contact with a person who tested positive for coronavirus.

An employee of OSIM has tested positive for coronavirus on Friday, the husband of a lady working at the Education committee is also working at OSIM. As a precautionary measure, all employees of the Committee have been sent home this week, with the session being suspended this week“, reads a press release.


Another suspect in Bucharest, a college girl living in a student dorm in Regie district in Bucharest has tested negative for Covid-19, as revealed by latest test.

First hospital in Bucharest clearing one floor for potential patients with coronavirus

“Victor Babes” Hospital for Infectious Diseases in Bucharest has decided to clear an entire floor for potential coronavirus cases. The hospital has already made available 57 beds for them in another hospital pavilion, as the hospital manager told

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