Three quarters of Romanians say the country is heading to a wrong direction. Euro-optimism growing – INSCOP survey reads


Romanians are pessimistic when it comes to the direction the country is heading to and optimistic regarding Europe, reads a national survey conducted by INSCOP, upon the request of Konrad Adenauer Foundation request.

72.8% of Romanians believe Romania is heading to a wrong direction, 17.8% say the direction is good and 9.4% do not know or do not answer, the INSCOP release informs.

The share of those believing the country is heading to a good direction has fallen from 36.6% in July 2017, to 22.8% in November 2017, to 19.9% in February 2018, to 19.1% in October 2018, to 18.7% in November 2018 and to 16.9% in January-February 2019.

Most respondents (46.7%) say Europe is heading to a good direction, whereas 35.3% say is heading in a wrong direction. 17.9% do not answer or do not know.

“The closer elections for European Parliament, recent events with strong public impact regarding the activity of European institutions in Romania (Romania’s taking over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union and the related events, the procedures to appoint the European prosecutor) seem to have significantly favoured the perception on the direction Europe is heading to,” the release reads.

The INSCOP survey was conducted during March 5-13, 2019, upon the request of Konrad Adenauer Foundation, based on a questionnaire used by operators at the respondents’ domicile. The multi-stratified sample was of 1,053 persons, representative for Romania’s population, aged 18 and above. The maximum admitted error is of +/-3%, with a confidence degree of 95%.

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