Three Romanian students from Galati win gold medal at Paris contest for creating an organic whey ice cream


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Three girls, students in Galati, have won the gold medal in a food contest in Paris for creating an organic ice cream based on sweet whey with quince topping. The contest in France is promoting innovation and healthy food and the jury was impressed by the Romanian students’ recipe.

A world ice cream producer has already voiced interest in the Romanian-made organic desert.

Besides studying together at the Food Engineering Faculty in Galati, Ana, Alina and Adelina have common hobbies: ice cream and inventing delicious food.

Behind their success have been two years of hard work in the faculty’s labs.

The girls named their ice cream Whoopie, which is made exclusively of natural ingredients, like whey. Ana Popa says whey is a very rich resource but which is not capitalized enough in Romania.

The ice cream is lactose free, contains a lot of fibers due to the quinces and is calorie-friendly, as it has not much sugar, only the one coming from the fruit, as the coordinator professor Daniela Borda explained.

The Food Engineering Faculty in Galati is renowned for its innovation. The protein bar and the vegetable lentil foie have been also designed here.

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