Three Romanians want to cross the Atlantic in 60 days

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Three Romanians want to embark on a bold mission, to cross the Atlantic in just 60 days on a rowing boat.

Andrei Rosu, the corporate employer who became the only Romanian who ever swam The English Channel, is getting ready for this new adventure and he has got this idea since 2011, when he heard that he could cross the Atlantic only by rowing. But back then he didn’t know to swim and he had no sailing permit either so that he could join the competition.

He managed to convince two friends to embark on this incredible challenge to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Emil Curteanu, a rower with an 11-year experience is one of them, while Vasile Oșean, a sports doctor, is the third adventurer.

However, they still need a fourth companion whom they will choose following a casting, with those interested being able to subscribe until June 15. The team will toe the line on December 12, 2017.

The team will row over 5,000 kilometers in about 60 days on La Gomera-Canary Islands-Antigua, the Caribbean route.

The competition eyed by the Romanians is the toughest boat race in the world, with very strict rules. The team is not going to get any help during the race from outside, while the members will row non-stop in two-hour shifts. The previous record was achieved in 37 days.

In June last year, Romanian Andrei Rosu swam the English Tunnel within the Arch 2 Arc competition that involves crossing London-Paris distance by running, swimming and pedaling mix. He is the first Romanian to swam The English Channel.

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