Tiberiu Uşeriu, back home: I think I’ll take a break in the Arctic Marathon

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Romanian Tiberiu (Tibi) Uşeriu, aged 44, from Bistrita-Nasaud, who has won the Arctic 6633 Ultra Marathon last week, for the third year in a row, came back home in Romania. He arrived on the International Airport in Cluj on Wednesday night to Thursday, where he was welcomed by over 100 people, family and friends.

Although he scored a third victory in a row, yet Useriu considers taking a break in the Arctic Marathon.

It has been tough for him this year as well, although temperatures were higher at the Pole than in 2017, but however he had some frostbites at his legs.

Useriu stated he was surprised by the warm weather in the arctic region, with temperatures of minus 15C compared to minus 32C registered last year.

I do what I like, what I know best. It has been the toughest race for me because I was sure that I knew all, but I also had many surprises. It was a half renewed touring, 280 km of ice road, which made the competition pretty tough. I faced two pretty aggressive storms and another one in the end. It was surprising though the weather was warmer than last year, minus 11C-minus 15C, compared to minus 32C, which is quite unusual for that region. I hated the ice road, it hasn’t been easy for me. There were moments when one toe of my left foot has frozen, I had injuries,” Useriu told at the airport.

He said he feels tired for he had no time to recover and had taken antibiotics for some infections.

Asked what’s net and if he is going to race again in the Arctic Ultra Marathon, Useriu said he needs some time to rest.

I will leave in Himalaya for 30 days, I don’t know what’s next. It will be a surprise also for me. I think I will have a break in this competition, but I don’t know for sure. I will have to do something else, for I already know this competition, having been there three times. It will be no novelty next year, maybe temperatures will keep climbing and it will be a moment when it will be a normal competition, not an extreme one. Organizers have even joked about that, telling me to stay home next year,” Tibi recounted.

The Romanian champion admitted he also had moments when he wanted to give up the race, but he remembered why he was there and managed to regroup and finish the competition.

My mind is my advantage, I am not a professional athlete, it is a personal performance as a sports for amateurs. My past shaped my mental state and I think this is my advantage,” Useriu said.

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