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Tibi Uşeriu starts Everest Ultra Marathon extreme race

Tibi Uşeriu, the Romanian marathon runner who won the toughest marathon on Earth for the third time in a row, Arctic Ultra 6633, has started another extreme race on Tuesday, also among one of the most difficult in the world, Everest Ultra Marathon.

The race has 60 kilometers and is taking place at the highest altitude, at 5,600m high and that’s why the  rarefied air is the toughest challenge for the runners.

The runner based in Bistrita-Nasaud arrived in Himalaya three weeks ago to get used to the temperatures and to the high altitude.

He is running at this competition for the epileptics and hasn’t forgotten the tricolor flag inscribed with Romania 100 logo (marking Romania’s centennial this year) that he also had during the Arctic Marathon at the North Pole.

22 competitors will race in the Everest Ultra Marathon, with Uşeriu being the only Romanian.

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