Timisoara, the first city in Romania to enforce night lockdown during weekends


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Night lockdown will be enforced in Timisoara on weekends, after the Covid infection rate reached 4.49 cases per one thousand inhabitants. Similar measures were taken in other localities in Timiș County. The Timiș County Committee for Emergency Situations updated the restrictions on Wednesday. Thus, Timișoara enters a new scenario in which night quarantine is reinforced on weekends, between 20.00 and 5.00, and on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the shops will close at 18.00

In order to be able to leave the houses at night, the people of Timisoara will have to fill in an affidavit.

There will  be night lockdown also in such localities as Dumbrăvița, Ghiroda, Giroc, Dudeștii Noi, Partă, Pădureni, Sacosu Turcesc, Giulvaz and Jimbolia.

Moravița and Bucovat localities are to be entirely quarantined after the Covid infection rate had jumped up to 7 per 1,000, according to opiniatimisoarei.ro.

Thus, the movement of persons outside the home / household is prohibited on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays between the hours of 20 and 5, with the following exceptions:

  • travel in the professional interest, including between the home / household and the place / places where the professional activity takes place and back;
  • travel for medical care that cannot be postponed or performed remotely, as well as for the purchase of medicines;
  • travel outside the localities of persons who are in transit or make journeys whose time interval overlaps with the prohibition period, such as those made by plane, train, coach or other means of passenger transport, and which can be proved by ticket or any other way of paying for the trip;
  • travel for justified reasons, such as caring for / accompanying the child, assistance to the elderly, sick or disabled or the death of a family member.

Business operators carrying out trade / service activities in closed and / or open spaces, public and / or private, are compelled to organize and carry out their activity, on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, between the hours of 05:00hrs – 18.00hrs. During 18:00hrs and 05:00hrs they can carry out the home delivery activity.

The activity of economic operators carried out in closed spaces in the field of gyms and / or fitness is suspended.

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