Toba and Pandele’s PhD works, still suspected of being plagiarised

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The General Council of the National Council for Attesting Titles, Diplomas and University Certificates (CNATDCU) has rejected on Wednesday the reports of the military science committee, which decided last week that Petre Toba and Florentin Pandele have not plagiarized their doctoral theses.

CNATDCU president will have to appoint another committee, with other members, which is to reanalyse the doctoral works of the former interior minister and of the mayor of Voluntari, Ilfov County.

The current committee consists exclusively of professors from the National Intelligence Academy, Police Academy and the Military Academy.

There were 29 votes for rejecting the reports, two votes for their acceptance, and nine abstentions, announced Acad. Marius Andruch, CNATDCU Vice-president.

Basically, the decision-making forum CNATDCU has invalidated the reports, which it deemed incomplete and superficial.

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