Total lunar eclipse visible in Romania on January 21

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A total moon eclipse will take place on the night of January 20 to January 21 and will be visible in Romania, the Astronomical Observatory “Amiral Vasile Urseanu” in Bucharest informs.

According to the Astronomical Observatory’s website, the Moon’s eclipse that will occur on the night of January 20 to January 21will be a total one. The moon will completely enter the shadow of the Earth. The maximum occurs at 07.12h in the morning, when the moon is very close to the northwest horizon, almost an hour before the Sun rises. The phenomenon will be noticed by half, until around 8.00h.

The eclipse begins at 04.36h, when the Moon enters the Earth’s penumbra, but we will see changes on its disc when it begins to shadow at 05.34h. The most spectacular part of the phenomenon is the phase of totality, when the moon is in the shadow; its disc is darker than usual. The total eclipse starts at 06.41h and has the maximum at 07.12h, ending at 07.43h. All of these phases are visible in Romania, with the moon positioned very close to the horizon.



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