Tourism minister: Omnia Turism travel agency caused the largest damage after the Revolution


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The past days media reported that businessman George Negru, owner of Omnia Turism travel agency had killed himself due to financial problems. The man jumped from the floor of a block of flats in Bucharest. The Tourism Ministry has been under siege ever since by the tourists who had bought trips through the travel agency and who had been concerned about their vacations.

On Thursday, Tourism Minister Mircea Dobre (photo) announced in a press conference that those 8,300 travel packages worth EUR 7.4 M sold by Omnia Tourism, which are not going to be enforced after the agency’s owned died, represent the largest damage in this field after the Revolution in 1989.

At this moment, a total loss of EUR 7.4 M has been estimated, money already cashed in by Omnia Turism through the sale of 8,300 holiday packages sold for 2018, totally estimated to EUR 11.4 M. It’s the largest damage in the travel sector registered after the Revolution, while the insurance policy is only covering EUR 50,000. Now there are 244 people on vacations in various travel destinations abroad, who bought tickets through Omnia Turism. 158 of them are on their own, meaning they must provide the payment for the accommodation,” the minister said.

Dobre recommended tourists who had bought vacations through any travel agency to check if the agency had actually paid the transport and accommodation.

The Tourism minister also announced he would table a law amendment through which travel agencies could not sell vacations with more than 12 months in advance. “You can imagine? Omnia Turism had in March 2017 vacations sold for the end of 2018,” he argued.

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