Tourists might go to the beach in Romania this year based on previous booking

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Beaches on the Romanian Black Sea coast will be used within the capacity limits, with administrators also being able to restrict the access of the tourists if social distancing cannot be observed on the beach, reads a common order signed by ministers of Health, Economy and Environment, published in the Official Gazette. The beach administrators can resort to previous booking, online or by phone for certain periods.
The rules are enforced as a measure to contain the spread of the coronavirus.
The order stipulates the observance of a 2 metre social distance (left/right, front/back) between beach chairs that are used by people from different families. Chairs, beach chairs and parasols must be used individually, and they cannot be shared among people who are not family members. The beach items must be disinfected before and after use.
22 rules to observe on the beach
Business operators or beach administrators on the seaside must observe some rules for the safety of the tourists:
  • 1. they will place the access and conduct rules on the beach in plain sight;
  • 2. a 2m social distance must be observed (left/right, front/back) between beach chairs that are used by people from distinct families;
  • 3. to estimate the capacity of the beach on social distancing they can both proceed with active monitoring or use previous data projections;
  • 4. administrators will enable access on the beach within the adopted capacity limits, with maintaining social distancing, discouraging agglomeration and restricting large gatherings;
  • 5. beach managers must also adopt measures to restrict access to the beach if the established limits are exceeded and social distancing cannot be observed, to provide access by clear signaling, to set up unidirectional lanes, separate for entrance and exit, to enforce previous booking of the beach seats online or by phone, to collaborate with the police forces to redirect or deviate vehicles or people if needed, to limit the number of employees who interact with tourists;
  • 6. access in the indoor venues (toilets, locker rooms) must respect the social distancing rules;
  • 7. at least 2 m distance observed between people at any time, except for the members of the same family;
  • 8. working areas (for instance, chairs and towers for lifeguards) are set up at 1.5 metres;
  • 9. physical barriers at paying points;
  • 10. customers will be served only by the beach staff;
  • 11. sales of unpacked products  must be avoided, as much as possible;
  • 12. in the case of unleased beaches, the local public administration is in charge with the rules of maintaining social distancing;
  • 13. signaling the distances with clear signs for entrance and exit areas;
  • 14. beach equipment (chairs, sunbeds, parasols)  must be used personally and not shared among people who are not family members;
  • 15.  beach  equipment must be disinfected with authorized biocidal solutions before and after use;
  • 16. toilets on the beach must be equipped with proper hygiene products: water soap, disinfectant containing at least 50% alcohol, napkins and touchless dust bins;
  • 17. areas frequently touched must be cleaned and disinfected;
  • 18.  no sports or leisure activities are allowed, except for within areas especially set up for that;
  • 19.  physical interaction with and among customers must be avoided as much as possible;
  • 20.  the beach staff will wear protection facemasks;
  • 21.  business operators will provide for the biocide disinfectants tourists need to clean their hands;
  • 22.sunbeds must be provided for every person and they must be disinfected after every person who uses them.

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