Traian Băsescu gives up challenging the court decision that declared him a Securitate collaborator


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The former president Traian Băsescu submitted to the Bucharest Court of Appeal, through his lawyers, a request by which he announces to the judges that he renounces to challenge, through an extraordinary appeal, the court’s ruling by which he was declared a collaborator of the former communist intelligence service, Securitate.

On July 27, Băsescu filed a review request with the Bucharest Court of Appeal, through which he tried to obtain the annulment of the decision by which he was declared a collaborator of the Communist Security. The revision is an extraordinary way of attack through which, based on facts, circumstances or evidence discovered after the trial has taken place, the aim is to withdraw a final or irrevocable civil court decision and conduct a new trial.

In March, the Supreme Court definitively ruled that former president Traian Băsescu collaborated with the former communist secret police, Securitate.

According to the College of the National Council for Studying Securitate Archives (CNSAS), the former president Traian Băsescu, serving in the Navy back then, gave informative notes that would have led to the maintenance of a colleague from the Navy in the country.

From the documents filed in court by CNSAS, it appears that Băsescu would have had a liaison officer appointed by the former Securitate, with the rank of lieutenant-colonel, and that he would have given two holographic informational notes.

According to CNSAS, during the collaboration with the Security, Traian Băsescu provided information denouncing activities against the totalitarian communist regime, such as the intention to go abroad and relations with foreign citizens. The information were revealed in the informative notes dating back in May 1975.

CNSAS also reported that, as a result of one of the informative notes given by Traian Băsescu to a colleague, the Securitate approved negatively his designation on Romanian ships departing outside the country’s borders.

During the trial at the Bucharest Court of Appeal, Traian Băsescu denied that he was a collaborator of the former Securitate Service.

“I didn’t know I was given a code name. I did not sign a commitment in which a code name was introduced. (…) I didn’t know that Military Counterintelligence is Security. I thought it was a service of the Ministry of National Defense”, defended former president Băsescu.

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