Trainee kills instructor at shooting range in Bucharest, then commits suicide


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An instructor and his trainee died following shootings at UTI shooting range in district 4, Bucharest. The shootings occurred around 19:30 on Tuesday.

First information say that a client of the aiming-field on Soseaua Oltenitei would have shot his instructor and then killed himself. The instructor, 56-year-old Nicolae Tanase was the manager of the shooting range and his trainee was an old customer of the complex.

The case is investigated by the Homicide Department of the Bucharest Police under the prosecutors’ coordination.

Judicial sources told local media that the trainee was Cristian Pop, aged 24. He was not known as a violent person. He made an appointment for a shooting session on Tuesday evening. Video cameras recorded the tragedy, showing that after firing the target a few times, he suddenly head to the instructor and shoot him three times with a 9mm Glock pistol from a meter distance. After the instructor collapsed, Pop fired two more bullets in the victim’s body then shot himself in the head with the same pistol.

Investigators talked to the young man’s family and found out that he suffered a nervous breakdown after his girlfriend left abroad. They found a good bye note in one of his coats, at his place. Cristian Pop was writing that he feels useless and that he wants to die.

Police sources said that all shooting ranges’ data basis would be probed after this tragedy. Precisely, police officers are to assess the situation of the persons who are not authorized to use fire arms, but who are target firing fans. They will also check if these persons have ever committed crimes or are if are put on the spot for mental diseases.

According to the law, until 2011 only authorized persons could use fire arms in the shooting ranges. Yet, the law has been revised starting 2011, as it needed to comply with the EU legislation and thus, any persons over 18 was allowed in the shooting ranges.

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