Transparency International: Romania ranks 57th in corruption index

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Romania ranks 57th worldwide in the report regarding the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) for 2016 with 48 points out of 100, a report conducted by Transparency International reads. Hence, in European Union is 24th-25th, at the same level with Hungary.

The only countries with fewer points than Romania are Italy (47th), Greece (44th) and Bulgaria (41st).

In 2016, first worldwide ranks Denmark and New Zeeland, 90 points each, followed by Finland (89), Sweden (88) and Norway (87).

With more than 80 points are listed the Netherlands (83), Germany, Luxembourg and the UK with 81 points each.

Romania’s place worldwide and in European rankings and any point in addition obtained must be examined in a wider context, including in the light of the CPI results globally, which in absolute terms recorded a decline, the highest scores at this moment is of 90 points, against previous years when they registered 98 points. An objective analysis of how the perception of corruption in the public sector in our country has varied since 1997, when it was included in the global CPI, reveals that Romania has taken significant steps toward integrity. Although the CPI improvement was not linear, since 1997 hitherto there is an advance of 18 points. This improvement in the CPI is the result of anti-corruption efforts of the national institutions, be they prevention, control or sanctioning corruption, as well as the civil society’s efforts which contributed substantially to the effort to align them with international standards, the Transparency International report reads.

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