Transporters to stage protest against the government on November 2

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The Confederation of Certified Transporters and Operators in Romania (COTAR) will stage a protest in front of the government on November 2, some 6,000 motor vehicles are expected to join the manifestation.

“The protest has five main issues, of which the government is responsible. We do not ask for subsidies, no wage increases, we do not influence the state budget by our demands, on the contrary, we ask for the laws to be observed, by Emergency Ordinance, to stop the abuses made by interest groups within the Romanian parliament which have amended certain laws in order to pirate the transport operations,” the COTAR release informs.

They mean piracy in the field of passenger transport, claiming it has become tolerated by the authorities that companies without license operate – which operate illegally and are escapists.

“Currently there are thousands of taxis operating outside their license area, registered in localities near Bucharest, but actually operating in the capital,” the transporters claim.

The complaint also mentions UBER as infringing the right to fair competition.

On the other hand COTAR suggests free transport for students by scheduled routes with 5% deductable VAT.

“We hope that by November 2, 2016, the government issues the decision to cap the compulsory insurance policies (RCA) for six months. If not, the RCA issue will become again an issue for our protests. We do not believe the government will join the electoral game played by the political parties and to postpone the Government Decision,” the release reads.

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