Tribiotic product developed by the Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine University in Bucharest

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The Biotechnology Faculty within the Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine University in Bucharest has developed a tribiotic products, called Amrita, following a partnership with the Medica/ProNatura Laboratories and ICECHIM.

The tribiotic product is obtained through a special fermentation technique of the pollen in Kombucha crops, which imitates the biological processes through which bees produce the bee bread, break the exine and intina layer of the pollen, by releasing the proteins, oligopeptide and essential amino acids, as well as the polyphenols, vitamins and minerals that are essential for the human health.

The product was introduced by the Biotechnology Faculty dean, professor doctor Petruta Cornea in a press event due these days in the Agronomy Campus Herastrau in Bucharest. Journalists were able to to see through a student perspective the opportunities of training and development provided by those six faculties of the Agronomy and Vet University.

Banana, persimmon, fig crops in Romania

The Agronomy Faculty is also hosting Hortinvest, the most cutting-edge Research Center for the Study of Foodstuff Quality, but also an orchard taken care by the agronomy students where they have planted exotic plants and trees like the banana of the north, the Dobruja persimmon tree, kiwi, figs and pomegranates.

The Dendrological Park…

The campus also accommodates a modern Dendrological Park developed through the students’ common projects. The park has plenty of green spaces, modern irrigation systems, plants, ponds and flashy fish.

…and the first Emergency University Veterinary Hospital in Romania

The event also included a visit to the first Emergency University Veterinary Hospital in Romania on 105 Splaiul Independentei , district 5 in Bucharest. The hospital provides 24/24h services, various specialties and cutting-edge medical equipment. The hospital has 50 hospital seats and the doctors here can perform 8 simultaneous surgeries.

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