Truck loaded with 800 gas cylinders on fire in Mihailesti, no victims

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A truck loaded with 800 gas cylinders caught fire on the national road in Mihailesti, between Urziceni and Buzau on Friday morning. Several gas bottles blew up after the fire. People and cars have been evacuated on an area of 500 metres. The traffic is blocked on that perimeter. By the time we report, 80-90% of the fire was extinguished.

The Emergency Situations Inspectorate in Buzau said that the danger on that area was extremely high and the firemen intervened at a distance, with six fire trucks.

It’s a fire over a truck loaded with gas cylinders. There was an eviction on 500 m. Firemen are intervening at a distance. The situation is under control. Fortunately, there are no victims,” said Raed Arafat, the coordinator of the Emergency Situations Department in Romania.

The spokesperson of ISU Buzau George Cretu said that when the firemen arrived, the blast danger was extremely high and that’s why they intervened with the water cannons at a distance.

The first investigation reveal that the truck had a tyre failure and while the driver was repairing it, the truck took fire.

Prosecutors have opened a criminal investigation in this case for aggravated criminal damage and breaking legal measures on security and occupational health service.

Mihailesti blast, 2004

12 years ago one of the most serious road accidents in Romania occurred precisely in Mihailesti, Buzau. On May 24, 2004 a truck transporting 20 tons of ammonium nitrate was involved in a car crash, followed by a blast. 18 people died back then, seven firemen, three locals and two journalists came to take a live transmission on the scene. Other 13 people were seriously injured.

A 6.5m-deep crater with a 21 metres diameter formed around the spot of the explosion, while metal junks being thrown on a 200m area affecting the roofs of several houses in the area.

The three representatives of the transport companies, Ionel Ionuț Neagoe, owner of Ney Transport SRL, Mihai Gună, owner of Mihtrans SRL and Ion Gherghe, former director of Doljchim plant in Craiova have been sentenced to four years in prison each.

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