Tudorel Toader: There is no draft on amnesty and pardon at the Justice Ministry

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Justice Minister, Tudorel Toader, said on Tuesday evening for Antena 3 TV private broadcaster that there is no draft Emergency Ordinance on amnesty and pardon at the Justice Ministry, “neither on discussion nor in debate, drafting or endorsement.”

“At the Ministry of Justice, there is no discussion, no debate, drafting, or endorsement of a draft normative act on a GEO on amnesty and pardon,” Toader said.

He spoke about the Parliament. “We are in the centennial year” and “the legislator could be generous from this perspective”, given that “there is a bill on amnesty and pardon in Parliament.”

“It is about a legal decision, the policy in the criminal field and the legislator has the full power to promote it, I cannot replace the legislator,” he said.

Tudorel Toader noted that “in the history of criminal law there were relatively many leniency papers on amnesty and eventually on pardon,” but “each time the legislator provided the conditions for amnesty, pardon, but also exceptions”, as “one cannot be amnestying serious facts against people, domestic violence, these are values that must be protected in any socio-economic context.”

Among these exceptions, Tudorel Toader enumerated “murder, corruption”.

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