Turkish poachers caught by the Coast Guard after exchange of fire

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The Coast Guard have fired to catch eight Turkish poachers fishing in Romania’s Exclusive Economic Zone. After hours of chasing by three boats and an aircraft, the poachers were trapped and the fishing vessel has sunk. Three of the poachers, who suffered superficial injuries due to the shooting, were brought to the Constanta hospital and the other five have been remanded, TVR 1 public television informs.

The eight poachers have entered the Exclusive Economic Zone aboard a fishing vessel under the flag of Turkey. The boat was spotted 52 nautical miles east of Costinesti, Constanta County.

Shortly, a Coast Guard ship intervened. The law enforcement officers called off the poachers to conduct checks, but the Turkish sailors refused.

Offshore the Black Sea, two more Coast Guard boats intervened, accompanied by a multirole aircraft. After eight hours of chasing, the fishing vessel was stopped, and the poachers were remanded by the policemen.

Five sailors have been detained, and three of them, superficially injured, have been hospitalized at the Constanţa hospital.

The investigation is under the coordination of the Prosecutor’s Office upon the Constanţa Court.

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