Tweet by London-based firewoman on Romanian neighbours gets viral

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Post by firewoman from London about her Romanian neighbours became viral on Twitter.

Lots of banging noises outside. I find my Romanian neighbours have rebuilt my fence which had fallen down a while ago. When I offered money/beer as gratitude, they said it was better to do nice things rather than expect something. Bloody foreigners coming here & building fences,” the post reads.

Her post, which got over 100,000 likes and had almost 20,000 re-tweets, comes amid tensions between British and foreigners on Brexit.

Buy them some beers, couple of decent bottles of beer, insist they take them, it’ll make They’re day. Good lads,” says one of the comments, with the woman replying: „I did. They turned them down and insisted they didn’t want them. Sometimes forcing a gift on someone detracts from the good deed. Not always the way to go. They really didn’t want that”.

The firewoman also retorted to some xenophobic comments:

I’d like to say that all three xenophobic wankers are huge football fans. One a professional, one a huge fan and one a junior football coach. Says a lot more about football than foreigners! Sad really” or „This tweet is going well. Only two xenophobic wankers. Well done twitter. I’m impressed. Really bloody impressed.”

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