Two Afghan refugees mistaking Romania for Hungary, caught on the Romanian western border

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Two Afghan refugees have been caught by the border police officers in Beba Veche area on Tuesday night. They told the hearings they got lost on the Serbian territory, while confessing they didn’t intended to arrive in Romania but in Hungary.

Beba Veche is the point where Romanian border meets the Serbian and Hungarian ones.

“Border police officers from Sannicolau Mare border check point tracked down two person while illegally trying to enter Romania. They were taken into custody and the preliminary investigations revealed they were Afghan citizens. During hearings, they said they got lost in Serbia and that they hadn’t planned to arrive in Romania in the first place, but thought they were in Hungary. They are facing the readmission procedure at this point and will be handed in to the Serbian authorities,” the spokeswoman of Timis Police told local media.

The case emerges after the Hungarian FM’s announcement that Hungary decided to expand the anti-refugees fence on the border with Romania, too, to prevent migrants from infiltrating through the end of the old metallic barrier already built at the Hungarian-Serbian border.

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