Two dead following mid air collision at Clinceni Aerodrome. 27yo female handball player, among victims

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Three jumpers have been involved in an air incident at Clinceni aerodrome on Sunday morning. One of them, a 40-year-old man, has been declared dead on the spot following a cardiac arrest, while the other two, a man and a woman were severely injured and rushed to the hospital. Later on the afternoon, the 27-year-old woman has died in hospital.

There were two men and a woman performing several training jumps. Eye witnesses saw at some point they were heading to the ground after their parachutes have crossed.

Skydiving instructor Adrian Constandache, 43, involved in the accident Sunday on the airfield at Clincen is hovering between life and death at Floreasca Hospital in Bucharest.

The young lady, Andreea Nica was at her first parachute jump. She was a handball player, goalkeeper at Unirea Slobozia, handball club. She jumped together with 43yo instructor Adrian Costandache, and after them, another jumper, 49yo Dan Floroiu. According to Bucharest Aeroclub, instructor Constandache had 4,000 jumps in his portfolio, while Floroiu, 100 jumps. Apparently, Floroiu would have jumped too early and collided with the instructor and the young lady, at 7- meters high, with all three of them falling in to the ground.

“It’s a serious accident, we haven’t been confronted to such a situation so far, to have three injured jumpers. A SMURD helicopter and two ground teams were sent from Bucharest. During a fall from such a height, even the alive persons can suffer serious injures that might aggravate,” SMURD founder Raed Arafat told Digi 24.

According to a jumper instructor from Clinceni aerodrome, Bogdan Boeru, the incident is called “mid air collision” and is when two parachutes came across near ground. A jumper having 80 jumps leading a parachute in tandem was the one coming across to a very experienced parachute instructor, having 4,000 jumps to his credit. I presume the woman in the tandem parachute was at his first jump,” Boeru said.


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