Two dead in landslide incident. Several workers trapped under a bank in Bucharest

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A serious accident occurred downtown Bucharest on Monday around 4 p.m., with six workers being trapped under a bank, on a construction site near the National Library. Several people were completely covered by the ground, two were found dead, completely buried in the ground.

Four workers, caught to the waist in the ground, were taken out and transported to the hospital. The first two people who were rescued are foreign workers, aged 50 and 33 respectively. They were transported to the hospital, to the University, respectively to Floreasca, and one of them had injuries to his legs.

Firefighters said that the third worker who was caught up to the waist had been taken out of the ditch. He is conscious, stabilized.

The last victim was taken out after more than 5 hours since the accident, and he could not be saved anymore.

The construction site belongs to the District 3 City Hall.

Ștefan Dumitrașcu, former chief architect of the Capital, told Digi24 that the land where the accident took place is unstable, “deeply uncohesive”, being part of the former flooded area of ​​Dâmbovița River. Therefore, in such situations, additional precautions must be taken and, for example, with wooden pallets, the walls of a ditch must be reinforced, in the case of a construction site on such land. In this sense, there are clear provisions in the legislation.

According to Digi24 sources, the work belongs to the City Hall of sector 3, and the subcontractor is SC ALGORITHM RESIDENTIAL. A ditch was being dug in the area to build a foundation to support the shore, behind the National Library. The bank would have collapsed when the workers went down in the ditch to weld a water pipe.

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